Sustainable development

Synfuels China has carried out technology innovation and integration in coal conversion technology to improve energy efficiency, including R&D on the sustainable utilization of biomass, to meet the increased energy demand by the society. We are working toward sustainable development for the future. Synfuels China technologies enable the clean and efficient conversion from coal to liquid fuels, which is sulfur-free and aromatics-free , and can meet European V standards.

The basic requirements of society on future energy are safety, economy, efficiency and clean utilization. Considering the development trend of indirect coal liquidation and the transition characteristics of F-T synthesis with the utilization of biomass in the future (especially residuals), Synfuels China focused on technology innovation in indirect coal-to-liquids and coal-to-chemicals, and has carried our R&D on process integration between indirect coal liquefaction, low-temperature carbonization, multistage liquefaction, and IGCC, in order to  improve the comprehensive energy conversion and energy efficiency. In addition, Synfuels China is actively promoting the application of its F-T synthesis technology in biomass conversion, based on relevant R&D and demonstration programs on biomass gasification technologies.

Charitable Giving