As a professional R&D institution on coal based synthetic oil technology, the development of talent technical team plays a critical role in the development of the company. Synfuels China always follows people-oriented management principle, and has incentive mechanism for employees based on the characteristics of R&D, providing good development platform for R&D staff. At the same time, the company provides various opportunities such as technology exchange, research seminars, special trainings for the development of its technical teams. Synfuels China also cooperates with CAS, and undertakes training work for Master degree and PhD candidates, as a special team in the company's R&D work.

  • OrientationOrientation

    New staff will go through induction training, and learn the history of the company, company structure, corporate culture, rules and regulations, and research programs and progress. The training provides the opportunity for new staff to exchange ideas and adapt to the new environment quickly, and promotes team spirit and cooperation.

  • Academic lecturesAcademic lecture

    Synfuels China invites external experts and professors from top universities and institutes to present academic lectures for R&D staff. This helps staff to widen their knowledge base, learn new ideas and methodologies, get enlightened to serve the requirements from R&D. Meanwhile, Synfuels China also organizes internal academic exchanges, and

  • On-the-job trainingOn-the-job training

    According to the requirements of specific positions on skill and capability, Synfuels China makes arrangements for various professional trainings for employees to obtain relevant qualification certificates. The trainings include practical training, lectures, on-line training, internal training at other institutions. Synfuels China selects talented researchers and send

Based on both the development strategy of the company and personal interests, Synfuels China provides opportunities for its employees on their development on either professional skills or management skills.